Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay Your Child's Orthodontic Care

The world of orthodontics has changed dramatically in the past several decades, opening the doors for the possibility of comfortable and effective orthodontic treatment for adults. However, when it comes to orthodontic care, taking action early in life is still the best way to go, and should be started in early childhood whenever possible. Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn't delay your child's orthodontic care:

‍1. Improved Development of Speech

The way our speech develops is heavily dependent on the alignment of our teeth and jaws. Issues in speech development often arise because of orthodontic problems, and these can entail extensive and costly therapy to correct. By addressing and improving alignment early-on, these speech issues can be corrected before they become a habit.

2. A Smoother (and Less-Painful) Healing Process

Despite the fact that adults can successfully complete orthodontic treatment,the fact still remains that our bone structure (including teeth and jaws) is much more flexible during early childhood. Treatment for orthodontic issues can take far less time, and will be less painful, if done early in life.

3. Healthier Teeth

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth! Crooked or misaligned teeth are much more difficult to brush and floss thoroughly, so decay is more likely to occur. Straight teeth, by contrast, are easier to care for and tend to form less cavities. This isn?t just a benefit during childhood, either. The ability to maintain a healthy mouth in the early years means decreased tooth loss and development of problems (like gum disease) in later life.

4. Prevention of Future Jaw Pain

Misaligned teeth cause strain on your child?s jaw, which can develop into chronic pain and lifelong problems that be expensive and painful to correct. Ensuring that teeth are properly aligned during childhood can stop these problems before they start

5. Save Money

Orthodontic treatment for children is (generally) less expensive than it is for adults. By waiting until adulthood, treatment is almost guaranteed to be costlier and more time-consuming than it would be if it were done during childhood.

6. Decreased Likelihood of Injury

Straight teeth are more protected from injury than crooked teeth. If your child plays sports, this can be an especially important consideration. A protruding tooth or improper bite can make a small collision (from a fellow player, ball, or stick) into a big problem. On the other hand, straight teeth will be more protected. In cases where a mouth guard is used, straight teeth are also more likely to keep the mouth guard properly secured during impact.

7. Increased Confidence

A bright, healthy smile can have a dramatic impact on your child?s sense of confidence and self-worth. In addition, a confident grin can send the message to others that your child is friendly, capable, and self-assured, which can help them make friends, land job interviews, and advance their careers later in life. When it comes to developing a strong sense of confidence, feeling good about your smile is one of the best places to start.

When it comes to taking care of your child?s physical, social, and emotional development, orthodontic treatment can certainly have a dramatic impact. It?s worth considering the many benefits of starting treatment early in life. To learn more about orthodontics in early childhood, visit

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