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August 27, 2017

How is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

Orthodontics from a Teen?s Point of View, in this case, our friend Hawley…

If you're a teenager like me, worried about getting braces and all the terrifying social implications of looking like a major dork, you may have heard of Invisalign Teen, which is supposed to be much less dorky. Let me "straighten" things out for you. See what I did there?

Invisalign is a trademark name for an orthodontic device technically called an ?aligner.? This is an alternative to traditional metal braces, which have been around for more than a hundred years. They aren?t the only clear aligner out there, but they?re probably the most well-known among teenagers. Invisalign aligners are temporary devices that are custom-fit to your exact mouth and teeth issues. They apply gentle pressure to create movement of your teeth and are switched out every two weeks. Invisalign doesn't work for every patient, so some will still need conventional braces.

Invisalign is made of clear plastic and is removable, so when you?re wearing them at school, you don?t set off metal detectors. However, the much bigger problem here is more than just making your smile look good. When traditional orthos focus only on making a pretty smile, they often miss many other problems that can cause pain and dysfunction issues as you get older.

For example, a friend of mine, Alicia, wanted a prettier smile. A traditional ortho would?ve fixed her up with braces or Invisalign, and that?s it. Case closed. The problem is that the misalignment of her front teeth went deeper than simple cosmetics. She was developing TMJ and pain, as well as head posture problems. Simply making Alicia?s smile pretty didn?t address the root of the problem, so likely she would experience future issues, including her teeth going back to how they were before treatment.

Because Alicia was a patient of Dr. Kent Lauson, the creator of the Lauson System, she got much more than just a pretty smile. Dr. Lauson was also corrected her TMJ pain and head posture issues, all without performing any extractions or surgeries.

Dr. Lauson founded New Early Orthodontics specifically for kids and teens my age, and is where I go for my beautiful smile. My treatment will take less time and cost less than my friends who are going to ?regular orthos.? And that includes Invisalign.

If you want to learn more about Invisalign for Teens and how New Early Orthodontics will get you ahead of the class, have your adult call to schedule a free consultation. They will thank you for saving them the time and money, or at least, they should.

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