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August 11, 2017

Dr. Kent Lauson's Story

Dr. Lauson is a traditionally trained specialist in orthodontics. He came into this field like many other clinicians, with the goal of giving the gift of a straight, beautiful smile to children and young adults.

During the early years of his orthodontics practice in Denver, Colorado, he performed treatments in ways very similar to those of his colleagues. Before Myobrace® and Invisalign®, bracket-and-wire braces and extractions were the go-to methods for creating a straighter smile. But, then a series of events made him rethink standard treatments.

Something Interesting Happened on the Way to Straighter Teeth

After a number of years in practice, Dr. Lauson became aware of unexplained problems some of his previously treated patients were experiencing. Those problems included headaches, facial pain, and jaw joint pain. He wondered, “Could these symptoms have anything to do with what I did to straighten their teeth?” Of course, this thought was very upsetting to him because, for one, he didn’t know the answer to the question, and secondly, he was unaware of how to help these patients.

More questions came up and he was now motivated to find answers to many questions he had.

The Search for Answers Begins

These questions set Dr. Lauson on a five-year voyage where he attended an average of 18 professional seminars each year in pursuit of answers. He not only went to dental and orthodontic seminars, but also to allied medical meetings, including those in the fields of otolaryngology, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and even craniosacral therapy.

He knew there was a connection between the various fields and was now finding many of the answers he sought. From that point on, his view of treatment would never be the same. He now realized that the treatments he had been performing for patients were in many ways responsible for the negative side effects they were experiencing later on.

5 years and 90 professional conferences later, Dr. Lauson had an answer.

Since becoming aware of these cross-discipline techniques and knowledge, Dr. Lauson has successfully treated thousands of patients with significant challenges.

Answers are now known on how to effectively treat these problems, and — if they occur as part of orthodontic treatment — how to correct them during the course of treatment. While many others are picking up the techniques learned by Dr. Lauson, many in the field are still unaware of how to apply these lessons in their own practices.

The Great Discovery

During Dr. Lauson’s search for answers to the issues plaguing some past patients, he found that the structure of the oral palate and the positioning of teeth also affect patients in more ways than just their bite (occlusion) and smile. This led to a new way of approaching orthodontics. He named this new approach New Early Orthodontics.

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